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  • The Friday Round Up (21 Sep): eco-Islam, brand courage, prayer apps and halal personal care

    Welcome to the weekly Friday Round Up from Ogilvy Noor.  We’re covering everything from prayer apps to Islamic eco-initiatives and everything in between. This week there have been protests around the Muslim world that have dominated media headlines, and so we’re taking a look at how brands should engage with Muslim consumers by looking past sensationalist headlines and into the real aspirations they themselves tell us about of living their faith and their modernity.

    In depth

    TLC's All-American Muslim

    This week we are focusing on the subject of brand courage and Muslim consumers.  We’re taking a look back into our archive at a question that once again is timely: what should brands do in reaching out to Muslim consumers if they feel nervous about the social and political climate? This piece looks at the market in the USA and learns lessons from the different approaches of different brands, why empathy is essential, and how courage can be a brand’s trump card.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights into Muslim consumer markets this week

    Indonesian consumer finance companies are turning to shariah-compliant lending for cars and motorcycles

    Halal Roundtable: The Malaysian government is urged to look at the ‘halal economy’ from a business perspective

    For Muslims who find that prayer times become due while flying by aeroplane: there’s an app for that

    The Dow Jones Islamic Market GCC Index measures Shariah-compliant stocks of five of the Gulf states and found the Index “grew 2.3% in August

    Don’t be so modest: How Islam is upending the fashion world

    China’s halal food industry and market was worth $2.5 billion last year having grown by 10 per cent from the previous year

    New halal personal health care products aim to grow their range in Malaysia

    Indonesia’s Vice President says that the country and its position in South East Asia should aim to be the global Islamic trade centre based on the region’s economic growth and its large Muslim population

    Indonesia’s missing ingredient: Islamic finance.” Islamic finance will aid in attracting infrastructure funding, and will reduce borrowing dependency for the nation

    Five Muslim groups interviewed here are driving forward eco-initiatives through the Islamic concepts of stewardship and sustainability

    One Muslim addresses the question is plastic is in line with Islamic values, reflecting wider Muslim eco concerns

    Architect designs eco-friendly mosque in Abu Dhabi inspired by the Islamic ‘Shahada,’ the declaration of belief

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